Why you must try out Pokemesh?

Pokemesh is an ultimate Pokemon tracker available only for Android devices. While most of the time we here about Pokemesh not being safe and secure for your mobile phones, Pokemesh is trying its best to provide its customers the best features and facilities available a board.

Pokemesh App Download

There have been debates and articles written on whether Pokemesh is safe and sound for Android devices, according to me it is quite an incredible application for the new generation. As much as we see its faults and mistakes, it is again impossible to neglect that Pokemon Go and Pokemesh are at hype nowadays. They are being used across the globe by millions of people.

To justify this point let’s see its features and facilities, hope you get a better idea about the application:-

Why to try Pokemesh on your gadget?

User interface

Pokemesh has a great user interface. Pokemesh APK has all the features displayed on the homepage itself. This means you don’t have to dig enough to understand the app and its features.

Quick Menu

Quick menu contains all the basic and important options on the first page: account’s, settings, notification, twitter, facebook, about, overplay and F.A.Q.

  Pokemon Locator

You can easily locate Pokemon, gym and pokespot within no time. After tracking the location you can easily switch to Pokemon Go and catch the pokemon. That’s the easiest way out to capture pokemons near you.


Pokemesh notifications are just like any other notification displayed on your notification bar. It generally reports for Pokemons location without using extra Internet allowance oe wasting your phone’s battery life. Notification can be turned on and off according to your convenience.

Pokemesh for Beginners: How to use


Overplay is an excellent feature to notice in the application. So while doing work or searching for information Pokemesh runs on the screen acquiring a small space right on top of the screen. The screen can be sifted from one place to another just like an icon on the home screen.


Maps allows you to notice the number of people using Pokemesh right now across the globe. To narrow the search you can if you tap on the place you are sitting right now you can easily track pokemons and catch them before anyone else do.


Pokemesh is growing day by day giving people reasons to use it on their phones. So recently Pokemesh team launched a new version of PokeMesh by the name of “Pokemesh around” which is a litter version of Pokemesh. It does not have difficult techniques to understand, just a simpler version of the original application

PokeMesh has already given you so many reason to download the app on your smartphone. You can expect some new changes in the app soon this year.



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